Estate planning includes meeting your goals of Who Gets What When upon your death as well as enjoying and utilizing your assets to the fullest during your lifetime.


    We assist families in obtaining Guardianship (court approved authority over the person) and Conservatorship (court approved authority over the assets) for adults.


    We define this as life and death planning for an Elder which can include planning for long term care, medicaid, disability, planning or facilitating continued habitation in your own home/apartment for as long as possible, based on your needs, financial resources and medical issues. This area also includes the preparation of estate planning documents (Wills, Trusts, Durable Powers of Attorney, Health Care Proxy/Living Will and HIPAA Authorizations) and Guardianship/Conservatorship if needed. We work with the Elders, their families and their appointed professionals.


    Upon the death of a loved one, the administration of their Estate, both when there is a Will and when there is no Will (Intestacy), can be stressful and full of unknown responsibilities and decisions.  “We can assist the parties in the appointment  of the Personal Representative, the administration of the Estate (collecting assets, paying claims, filing fiduciary tax returns, and determining inheritance rights), as well as represent a beneficiary. We can also assist in the facilitation of family meetings or meetings of the beneficiaries to negotiate claims, thus minimizing the expense to the estate in the case of a Will contest or disagreement between the parties.

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We pride ourselves on being a Law Firm that meets the needs of our culturally and financially diverse clientele. This includes clients from many different cultures both geographically as well as profession/vocation.  Our clientele includes parties from across the globe as well here in Massachusetts and neighboring States; they include Professionals, Family Business Owners, Farmers, Bakers, Athletes, Teachers, Ice Cream Vendors, Retired and Disabled Veterans  and families with members who suffer from mental illness.   The unifying theme among all of these groups is the family and inter-personal dynamic  – this is universal regardless of the trappings or the players involved. Everyone, regardless of their background, deserve to decide what happens to their Estate after death, without forfeiting their options and quality of life during their lifetime. We can help with that!